My name is Renata Sinigaglia Vedana and I’m from Italy. I’ve chosen this uncontaminated area of rural France not far from Bordeaux.

I bought this old house, renovated it and turned it into a charming haven open to guests, right in the heart of Cognac’s countryside.
My husband Giancarlo and my sister Anna have been helping me keep this French dream of mine alive.

We would like to let customers know the vision we have of our business.

The work we have done has a dual function, to welcome people who move from one point of Europe to another and need a place to rest and catch their breath, the other to offer a possibility of peaceful haven where they can recover from a stress caused by intense work.

The first aim is very ancient and recalls the mail post station, the change of horses and the necessary rest.

The other is very modern, the search for a place to repair the body from the fatigue suffered for the intensity of the effort often psychological but also physical.

Both must offer comfort of rest, exclusion from disturbing noises, quiet environment.

Particularly designed for those who have a strenuous journey to face the breakfast must allow, if necessary, to extend the moment.

The Library, the name alone makes us think of the need to think of ourselves, silence and peace.

The exterior, a large garden with fruit trees and not, the green of the grass and the color of the flowers, a Paradise according to the ancient meaning of the word.

All around woods, cultivated meadows, animals, nature and small villages.

In short, the meaning of physical and psychic rest and what category do you belong to? Maybe both, then think about the possibility of staying a week, even less.

It could be a parenthesis that serves over time.